About Us

The Brettler Law Office is a firm with a long, successful and glorious legal tradition that was founded in 1966 by advocate Yakov Brettler, of blessed memory.

The firm is involved in various areas of expertise, inter alia, land law, land taxation, companies and partnerships, town planning, labor laws, litigation and intellectual property rights, court order executions and in many areas of commercial legal consulting.

Over the years, the firm has been involved in significant and major matters which have influenced the legal agenda in Israel and which have achieved widespread repercussions. The firm handles many clients in a wide range of leading fields in the Israeli economy.

The firm's team, which includes lawyers assisted by administrators and a team of assistants, is well consolidated, reliable and most professional. The team members have been working together over many years providing consulting and handling the legal affairs of the firm's clients, as well as accompanying transactions in a wide range of fields until their successful conclusion.

The firm's team is diligent in providing current and friendly responses to clients while paying particular attention to quality, reliability, service, diligence and the success of tasks.

The firm constantly enjoys a spirit of renewal, vitality and modernity. The firm's team members participate in a wide range of professional further education courses and are kept up-to-date on a daily basis about legal, commercial and economic developments.

Also the office is active in the social field. The firm, over the years, has contributed and still contributes in many ways to various organizations and institutions involved in society in general. The firm is greatly involved with Israeli society.