Yaakov Brettler R.I.P. (1939-2002)

candle1Attorney Yaakov Brettler, one of the most prominent lawyers in Israel, handled devotedly numerous clients from varied walks of life throughout his impressive legal career.
Attorney Yaakov Brettler graduated his law studies in the Tel Aviv extension of the faculty of law of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and served as an advocate since 1966. During his career he appeared numerous times in courts throughout the country, before all legal instances, in different planning committees and public authorities, demonstrating extensive success in the cases he handled.

Attorney Yaakov Brettler, of blessed memory, accompanied the firm's clients throughout all their legal matters in a variety of areas. He was known by his extensive dedication to his work and the personal and special relation he maintained with each and every client.
The legal norms and conventions established in court decisions in trials in which attorney Yaakov Brettler, of blessed memory, appeared are still pertinent nowadays.
His dedication, belief, knowledge and values entitled attorney Yaakov Brettler of blessed memory with high esteem from his peers in the business sector as well as his clients.
Attorney Yaakov Brettler lived modestly throughout the years and took joy in the profession of advocacy. He showed respect to the legal system and took all measures so as to treat his peers fairly and justly. He instilled these values in the legal team of the firm.
Attorney Yaakov Brettler of blessed memory had an extensive and deep knowledge in a variety of areas aside from legal ones; he attended various cultural activities and used to be engaged in different sports activities such as wind surfing, cycling and skiing.
Attorney Yaakov Brettler of blessed memory served in the artillery corps' combatant unit and took part in the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War where he fought with the force that were the first ones to cross the Suez Canal. For many years following his regular service he showed up for reserve service.
Attorney Yaakov Brettler of blessed memory contributed significantly to the community. Among other things, he contributed to the education of children from needy families, the sick, and the IDF. He never refused to a person asking him for help or charity.
His sudden death was met with shock and surprise by his family, friends and numerous acquaintances, his legacy shall live forever.
May His Memory be a Blessing for Us All.